Cereal Club: The Road Ahead

Cereal Club
4 min readFeb 17, 2022

Thank you to everyone who participated in the public auction and presale, as we near the public mint of around 150 left we would like to share with you Cereal Club’s road ahead.

Share A Bowl Charitable Fund

The Share A Bowl Charitable Fund is aimed at supporting different initiatives and charities. Instead of the typical one-off donation that we have seen, our aim is to allow the community to propose charitable ideas they have towards their own local communities and a plan of action in which once presented to the community we will give the sign off & fund the campaign.

An example would look like the following:

Mateohernn, a community member, wanted to do something special and give back to his local community:


“we usually give back to people when we can, soo we did a cereal club edition, hope you guys like it” — YouTube

Date: Q1 2022


Cereal Labs aims to be one of the most prominent networking & alpha groups. Members will access an exclusive builder & trading network of people credentialed from fortune 500 companies, VC’s, crypto exchange reps, developers, NFT artists, as well as NFT investors/traders. The aim for this group is to feel that getting access to information fluidly can be achievable.

The vision for the Cereal Club BuilderPod is to create a unique collaborative group for holders to share, ideate, and assist projects that are emerging throughout web3. The Cereal Club team will put aside 135ETH initially to fund this initiative.

In essence, for those with great ideas to build on web3 that feel underfunded and lacking resources can now showcase their project and get support from Cereal Club to ensure what was once an idea, actually comes to life.

Example: I have X product/service & I am looking for a developer to join the team. Said developer + founder showcase what they have been working on in the Cereal Club. Team reviews and assists those in areas of resources, network & connections.

Date: Q2 2022


Cereal Club will team up with exclusive apparel & product brands to create limited collabs of IRL clothing & future metaverse wearables.

Over the next few weeks, the CC Team will release teasers of the first gen merch collection.

All CC Holders will get access to the exclusive collection as well as a free mystery box.

The drop will include limited edition apparel available only to CC holders.

Date: Q2 2022


Cereal Club will be home to IRL & virtual hangouts (metaverse land) that are exclusive to CC holders as well as cross-collaborative community events.

The first official Cereal Club event will take place in Los Angeles, CA in April. We heard there’s a special weekend in the desert.

The next event will be in June, to be determined by the CC community.

Date: Q2 2022


Our physical Cereal Club Cereal will showcase the 10,000 Cereal Club NFTs and will be a direct to consumer brand that for the first time will have an amazing NFT web3 experience right in front of your real life bowl.

Holders who have their Cereal Club NFTs displayed on CC Cereals box will enjoy unique benefits.

Each CC Cereal box will contain special prizes including virtual-“treatz” that allow the holder to redeem the prize as well as an AR experience for family and friends..

Note: You must own a CC NFT to be able to redeem any virtual rewards.

The CC Team will launch exclusive limited edition CC Cereals in partnership with other prominent NFT projects and athletes in the NFT space.

Our vision is to become a leader in providing web3 experiences and both creating and partnering with major cereal distributors to maximize awareness.

Launch Date: Q3 2022

— — -


With the details highlighted above, our team understands that phase 1 is meant to be about building the core community foundation.

Those who choose to build, believe and learn with us will reap the rewards on our current and future roadmap roll outs both off and on-chain. For those that also read this far, note that some surprise items have been left out of this roadmap that will be a part of phase 1.0.

We will be releasing an overview on the good, the bad, and the experience gained from launching Cereal Club, followed by a community AMA this weekend.

As young founders in the web3 space, we will only get better and grow in unison with Cereal Club. We have and always will be visionaries, who want to bring more value to the spaces we enter.

As Thomas Edison once said, “Vision without Execution is Hallucination.

We have had the vision for a while, now we get the opportunity to execute. 🥣❤️