For The Greater Good

The Cereal Club

Cereal Club was created as a vision for a collaborative project to bring people — creatives, builders, artists, & web3 enthusiasts — together in a place to learn, connect, & have fun. In a literal sense, we love cereal. Everyone can relate to grabbing a bowl (or three) of cereal & watching Saturday morning cartoons. Metaphorically, our bowl is intended to be a mix of people of all different backgrounds. A community of passionate individuals coming together to empower web3.

Dutch Auction

The idea behind launching our project via a Dutch Auction was never intended to be a cash grab. As our ideas started to evolve into a tangible project, we witnessed Azuki’s innovative, game changing contract & minting mechanisms. Why did we see value in a Dutch auction? We understood that the model allowed the community to determine the true mint price based on demand.

Whitelist, Discord, Community

Since the inception of our project & the creation of our Discord, we have always prioritized a quality community over quantity. Implementing a closed discord had multiple benefits. First, it allowed us to build a strong community through genuine conversation and engagement. It also allowed us to identify & remove bots while completely eliminating bad actors that could impersonate the project and scam members. Lastly, it allowed slow & steady quality growth of a solid community as opposed to a focus on inflated numbers as a cheap metric to show the value of a project.

  • 1250 Food Scientists: This was a CollabLand role for Cool Cats & Doodles holders, two projects that reflected the type of community we wanted to emulate
  • 250 First Bowl (Raffle): Our Discord OG role
  • 120 Artists: Awarded to community art creators that caught the teams attention
  • 50 Notable Partners
  • 25 Cereal Club Mods
  • 10 Non Fungible Mods (Raffle): A moderator networking role
  • 5 Voice Chat (Raffle)
  • 250 Cereal Killers & Cereally Cool People: Our most engaged members
  • 250 Cereal Olympics: A competition where each cereal role came together as a team to work on irl & digital creations

NFT Ethics

The morning of our mint, the team woke up to a Twitter thread by NFT Ethics full of unsubstantiated allegations. First & foremost, our team has always been Doxxed on Twitter, on Discord, with our relationships throughout web3 & have have always been forthcoming in our involvement with Cereal Club. We take pride in being present & easily accessible in the web3 community. NFT Ethics never reached out to the Cereal Club Twitter page or to any of our team members individually, nor did they respond to our DM offering to answer any questions.


KB24 is a 100% non-profit passion project that was created in honor of our childhood idol. We always have & continue to work in accordance with the guidance of the foundation. KB24 has evolved into something special & much larger than just an NFT, which is what we have always envisioned. It has grown into a tight knit group of friendships that have crossed over from web3 to real world hang outs and relationships. The community has a more engaged Discord than most active projects and it is meaningful to us that we continue to provide once in a lifetime access & opportunities to our members to this day.

Public Dutch Auction Mint

Despite the exciting start to our day, the heavy workload heading into our DA, and finding time to hold a community AMA 3 hours before our mint began, the team couldn’t wait in anticipation of our public sale. At the top of our Dutch Auction, our mints were selling at a very high rate with unbelievably low gas fees.

What We Learned

What was the main takeaway from our experience? That this result was necessary for the greater good.

Whats Next

What’s next for the Cereal Club? The same hard work that got us here & that we know is needed to create the special project we envisioned from the start. Our determination has never wavered.

  • We had a successful WL mint & reimbursed gas fees for failed WL transactions
  • Put Cereal Club merch into production with our apparel manufacturer
  • Hired additional members to our team that are more experienced than us in their respective fields, all of whom we are excited to introduce this week
  • Art Reveal on Tuesday, February 22nd at 5PM PST
  • Server gamification with earnable prizes such as Cereal Club merch, IRL cereal treats, & Cereal Club NFTs
  • “Air-dropping” Cereal Club merch to all holders
  • Rolling out our Share-A-Bowl charitable fund, which will be community driven & determined
  • Further expansion of our team with a full thread introducing everyone and their super powers



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